Supporting an Inclusive Life



Creating a Clear Pathway to Inclusion

The foundation of our wellbeing is relationships with others.

This of course, is no different for people with a disability.

It is a rich social network that ensures our sense of belonging and ability to contribute.

When we have the opportunity to support the inclusion of someone with a developmental disability, we must pay particular attention to their relationships, and be more intentional about creating and sustaining their social networks.

Finding friendship and making personal connections can present challenges for us all. For those who are isolated due to a disability, developing a personal support network can seem insurmountable. With the belief that a caring community and skilled people to assist as navigators and conveners, people with a developmental disability can have a rich active social network. This plays an important role in cultivating resilience, purpose and joy in their life.

Finding that inclusive pathway to a good life is at the heart of this session.

Who might benefit from this opportunity: 

Anyone that cares for or about a potentially marginalized person including family members, caregivers who have a loved-one with a disability, and Inclusion Support Workers.

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