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Solomon Ojo

I am interested in working with families because to me, family is everything in regards of

love, bond and nature. There’s this uniqueness with every family, like God knew what he

was doing putting everyone in each family. Growing up made me realize how important

my family is, the care and love they show me is platonic. In my interaction with people

every-day I got to understand that only your family will be there for you at crucial times,

I had learnt a trade in school and when I started making my first money, all I could think

about is my family, although I was the fourth child but I had this thought of responsibility

because of the way I was trained by my mom. This brings me to why I want to work with

family, this place would be a great place to showcase my unique desire to care for


I have this personality of always being there for my family and also thinking about

everyone else first before myself. The most beautiful part of caring for people is when

you see them smile in comfort of feeling better. Life can be really unfair and I often think

of the way the world works, and how no one can do anything about what’s going to

happen. When my dad got sick with diabetes in 2014, I hadn’t realized the task ahead of

us, my dad used to be a very fit and strong person so it was a difficult transition for him,

the sudden responsibilities of taking care of him was upon us but it brought me joy

instead of being sad because anytime I gave him his medication, it was a good feeling to

see him get better and get his diet right.

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